Where is Gregomatic used?

“The ravages of time” can be seen on our historical monuments too, which appear scarred by gas emissions, soot and weather. The Gregomatic Vacuum-Washing System leads to a fresh new look without damaging the surfaces.

Post-fire cleaners appreciate the odour reduction and cleanliness. Facility management companies enjoy the diversity of use.

Gregomatic is indispensable in the maintenance of public transportation. Soiled seats, sticky handrails, smeared walls and floors – after cleaning with the Vacuum-Washing System the vehicle looks like new.

In the food and healthcare sector, the Gregomatic vacuum washing system ensures a nearly germ-free working environment.

The application possibilities of the Gregomatic vacuum washing system are almost unlimited. However it really excels in situations where other cleaning systems are reaching their limits.

  • Monument preservation

    Renovation of historic buildings

  • Post-fire cleaning

    Economical restoration of fire damage

  • Public Transportation

    Vehicle maintenance, seat cushion / floor cleaning

  • Public services

    Administrations, communal services, schools

  • Cleaning services

    Versatile use

  • Food production

    Cleaning of walls / floors

  • Social and health care

    Hospitals, clinics, care homes

  • Wellness facilities

    Baths, saunas

  • Construction sector

    Painter / plasterer

  • Grafitti

    Removal on walls / vehicles

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