Gregomatic works perfectly and simply refined.

Wash instead of cleaning – that’s Gregomatic’s key to success. The unique Vacuum-Washing System comes into play where traditional cleaning systems reach their limits. In a structure deep, gentle and eco-friendly way, it cleans nearly each and every kind of surface. Water sprayed on and vacuum-swirled serves to bind and wash the pollution out of most kind of surfaces.

Handling is easy and allows an operator work capacity of 30 to 40 m2 per hour on walls and ceilings and of 80 to 120 m2 per hour on floors, depending on the degree of contamination. It requires approximately 60 liters of water per hour. For a larger working radius the base tube can be extended with multiple 6 m extension tubes.

Schematic view of the Gregomatic function mode

Each surface has a different structure in which soil gets settled.

The pollution is then bound and extracted out of the structure by water-swirling during the Vacuum-Washing Process.

After the Vacuum-Wash, the surface is structurally deep clean.

Video – Washing instead of cleaning.

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